About Us


The Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) was created in July 2012 through the merger of the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs and the Division of Student Affairs. The departure of two key administrators in each unit allowed for a seamless transition. The newly created division took on broad responsibilities with the goals of enhancing student success and promoting the success of the whole student.

In 2012, DASA was in its infancy. We lacked the structure that was needed to expand business services and to create the structure that we would eventually embrace. We had one central business officer (serving as a bookkeeper and Human Resources lead), and we had limited partnerships across the division. Units functioned, but remained decentralized and served more as subsidiaries of NC State, rather than true members of DASA. During the first two years, we spent a significant amount of time learning about each other and building relationships.

During 2013-2014, the division was able to begin building out what would become our central office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean. In late 2013, the position of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Administration was created, with the goal of creating a set of central services that would serve the entire division. The Division promoted Dr. Barry Olson to serve in this newly developed role.

DASA Technology Services

DASA Tech was the first business service to be fully centralized and achieved full centralization with its current structure in January 2017. The current operation, which continually seeks opportunities to better serve our division, was heavily influenced by an external review conducted in 2015, which evaluated overall services and structure.

DASA Facilities Planning and Management

In 2015, DASA Facilities Planning and Management was established through the existing structure created through University Housing’s Facilities team, primarily designed to serve University Housing exclusively. The unit is led by Pete Fraccaroli, who serves as Director. We found that through careful planning and coordination, we had existing capacity that could be used across the Division to complete project work, assist with daily general work, and to serve as primary responders to three new acquisitions: Price Music Center, Thompson Hall, and the Gregg Museum. Service agreements were established, and funds were secured to pay for these services.

DASA Finance

2015-2016 led to the creation of what is now known as DASA Finance. Led By Holly Durham, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance, the Division shifted existing staff to realign and redefine how services were delivered across all units. Centralized budgeting, budget management, and day to day services were generally moved into the central service unit, and those units requiring additional financial staffing were able to maintain some staff members internally. The realignment allowed us to better utilize our team to support those units (often state appropriated) that did not have the same service levels in the past.

DASA Human Resources

Key personnel changes led to the evolution of DASA Human Resources during the summer of 2016, and the creation of a new lead position for DASA HR. In January, Beth Buck, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, was hired to lead a group of HR professionals within the Division. These positions existed across the various units, but again, provided support to a limited set of units under their guidance. In 2017, each DASA unit was assigned a specific HR representative to assist with HR needs, from position creation to hiring, as well as position personnel management. Once again, resources from across the Division provided further service to those units not receiving high levels of contact in the past.

The 2017-2018 year was the first full year of existence for DASA Business Administration, or DASA BA. The collection of services, including facilities, finance, human resources, and tech continues to evolve. In the summer of 2018, DASA BA began to focus on team development, with the intention of creating one team of leaders. We continue to work towards constant improvement and to focus on offering high-quality services that are seen as value-added by the rest of our division. We strive to provide the support and services needed to ultimately support the whole student, from arrival to graduation.